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  • Get your ideas, business, personal brand in front of thousands of readers
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  • Share knowledge is a great way for establish yourself as a thought leader
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Guest Blog Guidelines

  • 500 - 1000 words in the blog body
  • At least 3 engaging blog titles for us to choose from
  • A 160 character excerpt summary for the blog
  • Blog post related to various aspects of personal branding
  • Author photo (at least 150px), name, title, 2-3 sentences biography, web links and social media links
  • Any information that are not original ideas or content need to be properly cited with MLA Style Formatting. This includes images, videos, graphics, text, quotes, audio, data and any other media format.
  • Sources are listed at the end of the blog in MLA format, in alphabetical order.
  • Write as if you were talking to your readers. Use simple language. Please write in second person pronouns (you, your) and not first person (we, our).

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Check List:

  • Have you read at least a handful of existing blog posts on this website?
  • Please ensure your blog idea has not already been covered.
  • Grammar & Spelling
  • Punctuation is correct. No extra spaces between words please.
  • Ensure every sentence has a purpose and ideas are not repeated unnecessarily.
  • Is your title, subtitles, subheadings clear, concise and engaging?
  • In text citations are in the correct MLA format
  • Sources are in the correct format
  • Your photos, images, videos, graphic media are related to the post
  • Feel free to share your personal experiences, insight and opinion
  • Include a call-to-action in the concluding paragraph
  • Clearly disclose any conflicts of interest (e.g. if you have affiliations or sponsorship from a company)

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