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Professional Corporate Brand Management

Kaitlin Zhang Branding has an international multi-lingual team based around in the world in North America, Europe and Asia. We specialize in online reputation management for cross-border companies between China and the West.

Our unique approach also focuses on raising the personal brands of the CEO, founder, senior executives or spokesperson of your company to ensure your brand has maximum impact on your customers, stakeholders and the press.

The 5 Steps To Build Your Corporate Brand Online

1. Pitch

Perfect your corporate brand positioning and elevator pitches.

2. Profile

Raise the profile of your team and company with winning profile photos and videos.

3. Platform

Your corporate website is your best sales person. Be seen on Google and Baidu.

4. Produce

Attract new clients with thought leadership using social media and content marketing.

5. Partnership

Leverage the power of brand partners and media partners.

Services we offer:

  • brand positioning
  • market research
  • competitor analysis
  • online reputation management
  • logo design and visual identity design
  • photo and video production
  • online personal image consulting
  • web design & development
  • search engine optimization SEO
  • social media strategy
  • content marketing strategy
  • influencer marketing
  • public relations
  • strategic media and brand partnerships
  • executive coaching

Selected Past Clients Include:

  • Technology startups in London, UK
  • Non profit sector in San Francisco, USA
  • Commercial property developers in Shanghai and Shenzhen, China
  • Venture capital and private equity firms in Beijing and Shanghai, China
  • Luxury e-commerce platform in Vancouver, Canada

Through working with us, our clients have been featured in the BBC, Wired, The New York Times, The Guardian and won many industry awards.

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