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Get noticed by Chinese consumers today.

Do you want to promote your brand in China, but you are not sure where to begin?

Kaitlin Zhang Branding can help you establish a positive brand image in China through comprehensive market research, digital marketing strategies and online reputation management. Our bi-lingual and bi-cultural team understand the technological differences such as the Internet Firewall that blocks many Western websites (e.g. Google, Facebook, Youtube) and the cultural differences such as the Chinese calendar and the use of mobile apps.

品牌设计 brand positioning 品牌管理 Kaitlin Zhang Branding Service

Brand Positioning

Every project starts with a detailed analysis of your brand through market research on your industry, competitors, and influencers. We can help you identify the right target market and craft a digital strategy. We also help you develop a new Chinese name and Chinese logo.

网站设计 Bilingual website design Kaitlin Zhang Branding Services

Bi-Lingual Website Design

We build bi-lingual mobile-friendly websites that are speed-optimized for both inside and outside of China. Your website would also be optimized for Baidu SEO (Search Engine Optimization), ensuring your website rank highly on Baidu, China’s biggest search engine. We also take care of the domain name registration and website hosting.

微信微博营销 social media marketing wechat weibo branding in china Kaitlin Zhang Branding Service

Social Media Marketing: Weibo & Wechat

Weibo and Wechat are two of the biggest social media platforms in China. We can help you set up a Weibo account and a domestic Wechat publisher account. We have a team of professional social media experts ready to help you reach your target audience.

公关 public relations Kaitlin Zhang Branding Service

Public Relations

We help you manage your advertising accounts and PR promotions, using data to analyze the return on investment. We have strong interpersonal relationships with members of the press and key influencers, in particular in the finance, tech and import/export industries.

内容营销 content marketing Kaitlin Zhang Branding Service

Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to reach your audience. Content marketing can include blogging, forums, podcasts, infographics and even videos on platforms such as Youku (China’s Youtube). Our team of writers can utilize hot topics to launch impactful online campaigns in English and Chinese.

平面设计 Graphic Design Kaitlin Zhang Branding Service

Graphic Design

A visually consistent brand is the most memorable. We can help you design printed or digital marketing material such as brochures, flyers, pitch decks, banner ads etc.

中英翻译 Chinese english translation Kaitlin Zhang Branding Service

Chinese English Translation

Translation is not simply about translating word for word. We believe its also important to translate and edit the information to match the cultural understanding. Services include translating English to Chinese and Chinese to English.

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