Reimagining career management with online digital technology

Protagion is a UK digital technology startup that reimagines career management. The Protagion offers active career management and development services to mid-career professionals, in particular in the financial services industry: actuary, accounting, investment, and banking. The service uses both personalized support and an online digital technology platform to guide and support customers through their career journey.

The platform will be launched first in the United Kingdom and South Africa, followed by other English-speaking countries. The client needed a set of brand identity products to kickstart their brand.

  • Brand Identity Design
  • Logo Design
  • Brand Persona
  • Business Card Design
  • Graphic Design

Protagion Green

The new brand identity features the Protagion Green in the colour scheme. It is the accent colour and represents life, warmth and growth. It’s human and modern. It is used for headlines where extra emphasis or a call-to-action is required.


Value Delivered

The new Protagion brand persona is professional, supportive and aspirational. The new brand identity system, including the new logo, colour scheme and graphic designs are used on the website as well as social media channels. The new brand has been well received by customers in the UK as well as South Africa.


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