Launching UK's best simulation gaming technology into China

Dovetail Games creates digital hobbies in the form of simulation experiences for gamers around the globe, including the Train Sim World, Train Simulator 2019 and Fishing Sim World. Dovetail Games is named the Technology Business of the year in the KEIBA Awards 2015 and Sunday Times Tech Track 100.

They are wanted to expand their brand in China and actively engage Chinese gamers (over 600 million gamers in China as of 2017), which coincides with a launch with Tencent’s WeGame.

  • Brand and Market Research
  • Chinese Name and Logo
  • Chinese Website
  • WeChat Official Account
  • Weibo Official Account
  • Content Marketing
  • KOL Influencer Marketing
  • Baidu PPC Advertising
  • Events Promotions
  • Press Relations

Website and WeChat

We launched the new speed-optimised, SEO-optimised Chinese website:, as well as the Dovetail Games WeChat official account. Our Chinese content creation team publishes engaging blogs for the website and the WeChat account.


Value Delivered

Dovetail Games built long term relationships with Chinese KOL influencers on Weibo, video sites and forums. The new website and social media platforms created new ways for Chinese gamers to engage with the brand within the Chinese internet firewall.

Dovetail Games was 1 of 30 games featured in WeGame’s Game Night 2018. It was live on 15 live gaming platforms and attracted over 60 million viewers. The exposure raised the brand awareness of the Train Simulation product.

Dovetail Games exhibited at the CAFA Game Art Exhibition by the Central Academy of Fine Arts for one month in Beijing, attracting visitors and press from around the country.


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