30 Apr 2019
Kaitlin Zhang city branding survey

Chinese City Branding Survey

Kaitlin Zhang Branding needs your help with the Chinese City Branding Survey to help us understand how Chinese cities can raise their international brand awareness among British business people.
06 Mar 2019
Two women having a discussion in a meeting

What Experts Say About Personal Branding for Female Leaders

To celebrate International Women’s Day this year, we have compile a list of the best advice for women to build their personal brands:
28 Apr 2018
How to use long tail and niche marketing for personal branding

How to Use Long Tail and Niche Marketing for Personal Branding

Taking advantage of the long tail, personal brands can become thought leaders of their niche markets, reducing marketing costs and making it easy to find job.
26 Jan 2018
7 days email course kaitlin zhang branding

NEW – Free Email Course On Personal Branding Launched

Announcing my free 7 days email course: for only 15 minutes a day, you can learn my 5 Steps To Build Your Personal Brand Online, the same techniques used with my entrepreneur and celebrity clients.
27 Dec 2017
How to dominate google image search results Kaitlin Zhang

How to Dominate Google Image Search Results

Google Image Search beats Facebook, Amazon, Bing and Yahoo’s regular searches combined. Learn how to optimize SEO for Google images for your personal or corporate brand.
12 Dec 2017
people standing close together - why your brand needs a narrow target audience and niche marketing

Why Your Brand Needs a Narrow Target Audience and Niche Marketing

Do you have a well-defined target audience that isn’t too broad? Here are the reasons why you need to narrow your audience and save costs through niche marketing.
08 Nov 2017
Two Blue Birds How to utilize twitter's 280 characters to build your brand

How to Utilize Twitter’s 280 Characters to Build Your Brand #280characters

Twitter doubles character limits to 280 characters. What is the best way for your brand or personal brand to utilize the #280characters? Learn from some of the best examples.
15 Oct 2017
5 Compelling Reasons to Blog on LinkedIn - Personal Branding Tips

5 Compelling Reasons to Blog on LinkedIn – Personal Branding Tips

Ready to build your personal brand through blogging? Here are 5 compelling reasons to launch your blog on LinkedIn.